Cloud based hosting for beginners and professionals!

If you need to host a single site this option is for you. Our cloud based solution is 100% supplied by servers based in the UK.

Our servers run on high quality Dell and Intel hardware. You have FTP access to upload your own files. Each Standard Hosting package comes with one database if you choose to use it.

Why choose Standard Hosting for your Business?


standard cloud hostingWe are always adding to and refining our service to ensure we can provide the most efficient hosting service we can. That is why we insist on using UK based servers to ensure reliability.


Secure hostingWe provide FTP Locking to help safeguard your site against hackers. When the worst happens you can access your site backups and restore your web site. Support is on hand if you need it.


Reliable Cloud hostingOur hosting uses the latest web hosting architecture and our hosting platform is arranged in clusters for superior reliability along with 24×7 network and hardware monitoring.

How can we help?

If you just need some space to upload your own web site files to this is a simple, no-nonsense solution. We have been hosting sites for over 17 years so you can feel safe in the knowledge that when you need help we will be here to assist you.

Ask us for more information about our Standard Hosting services.