Email Marketing that works

Send your marketing email in a way that is both reliable and legal. Make sure your emails get delivered and do not get your company BLACKLISTED as a spammer!

Why choose Premium Send for Business?


domain name recordsWe set up your domain name mail records to ensure all your email is regarded as legitimate. If you plan to carry out regular email marketing, our service is for you. It is vital that your email gets delivered and not treated as spam.

Legal compliance

email regulationsEmail marketing is subject to regulations in the UK. We ensure that every campaign is fully compliant with the relevant marketing and Data Protection laws. We work with you to ensure your message is promoted in a legal and responsible manner.

Measureable results

email campaignsEach campaign sent out is measured for several very important metrics. It is vital you know at a glance how many people viewed your message and what they did next. Our comprehensive statistics ensure you have a simple to use scorecard of your results.

How can we help?

Premium Send improves your email deliverability, keeps you legal presents your company message in a professional graphical way to your prospects and customers. Do not take chances with email marketing. Apart from not getting the right results, there are legal pitfalls that can affect you.

Speak to us for more details and a demonstration of how our Premium Send service can help your company stay in touch.