Store every message because you just never know when you will need it

Each year, over 400,000 terabytes of new email are created. These conversations with partners, suppliers, clients and between employees not only represent a valuable resource for understanding what happened or what was said. These materials created also become the property of the corporation. Email Archiving can help make sure your property is kept safe and accessible.

Certain industry regulations require multiple avenues of protection from a simple backup plan to retention of detailed message header information. If your business relies on email for communication, you should know the impact these laws and regulations have on your email.

Why use Email Archiving?

Unlimited Email Storage

archived emailEvery email that is sent or received is automatically archived in a secure data centre. This means that you can never lose any emails even if you delete them.

Powerful Search & Restore

unlimited email storageUnlimited storage requires a comprehensive search through potentially gigabytes of archived data. Our advanced search tools provide this capability.

Ensure Policy Compliance

email archivingEmail Archiving helps preserve assets & enable investigations. Identify rogue users and ensure you are complaint with the Data Protection Act.

How can we help?

Every day businesses face a variety of small challenges that can lead to big problems. Thankfully, email archiving is a simple solution that can address many of them, including:

  • An employee leaves the company and deletes critical data on their way out
  • The lead engineer on a project is unable to come to work for an extended period of time
  • A new employee needs to “get up to speed” quickly in order to support an existing client, but doesn’t have the benefit of a suitable transition from the former account manager

Email Archiving helps preserve assets and enable investigations. By capturing all of the mail traffic within an organisation, it is now possible to identify users who may be sharing intellectual property with parties outside of the organisation, and preserve communications from former employees for future use.

By maintaining a central repository through archiving, organizations can better control and contain intellectual property, and should the need arise, can conduct a fast and accurate search across the entire dataset (including 500+ attachment types) to find keywords that might warrant further investigation.

Ask us for an Email Archiving Demo and see it for yourself.